RPI Sustainability Film Series


RPI Sustainability Film Series

Darrin Communications Center, 308

September 8, 2013 4:00 PM - August 30, 2013


Gasland 2 is the sequel to director Josh Fox’s 2010, Oscar-nominated and highly controversial film Gasland, about the health, environmental and political costs of natural gas extraction through slickwater fracking.  Gasland provoked a response from the Independent Petroleum Asociation of Amercia, which produced the film Truthland, promising to show “the real gasland.”  Fox’s second film continues the debate, arguing that the stakes have continued to rise as fracking expands globally, despite increasing evidence that the shale gas industry is “contaminating our democracy” as well as our water, air and bodies.  Fox discusses Gasland2 with John Stewart.  Steve Colbert has also discussed the health and political costs of fracking.  There is a fragile, five-year old moratorium on fracking in New York State; meanwhile, the state’s highest court has agreed to hear appeals that challenge municipal bans on fracking.

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