Laura Weed, Professor, College of Saint Rose


Laura Weed, Professor, College of Saint Rose

Sage 4101

October 9, 2013 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

In this paper I argue that  the traditional  matter/mind or matter/spirit dichotomy is a false dichotomy, and that the traditionally understood mental attributes, such as intentionality, can be understood as  complex constructions of simpler mental and quasi-mental properties of nature such as self-organization and choice of directionality. I show that a wide variety of such quasi-mental properties occur in degrees throughout nature, when nature is properly understood.

 This argument will rely on replacing the traditional western substance/properties metaphysics  with a metaphysics of fields and processes.   Since fields and processes are dynamic, interactive and open ended, they do not suffer from the static status and boundary limitations that restrict substances and properties, and so they can act and perform in ways that substances and properties could not.  A fields and processes metaphysics is also more compatible with contemporary physics, cosmology, biology and computer science, as I shall argue, than is the Aristotelian and Newtonian substance and properties analysis of reality.    

Information, Q-Bits, and Natural Reference: a bridge from Bit to It to Autopoesis to Mind 

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