Free Grant Writing Workshops for Art Students


Free Grant Writing Workshops for Art Students

WH 112 & 413

October 15, 2008 10:00 AM - 2:20 PM

The worskhops will be led by Christ Blanchford of the New York State Foundation on the Arts (NYFA). 

Workshops Descriptions:

10am- 12pm: Inside the Grants Process
Inside the Grants Process will start with the basics, an introduction to NYFA and NYFA Source, our free online database of grants, fellowships and opportunities for artists.  Following this students will be will be walked through the process of finding and identifying appropriate grants, what the grant application entails and what makes a strong application.  The talk ends with a more in-depth look at work samples, cover letters, budgets and project proposals.

12:30-2:30: Small Group Intensive*
The small group intensives provide artists for the opportunity for individualized feedback on their grant applications. 10-12 artists are selected to have their work sample projected and discussed.  In addition they will be asked to bring 10-12 copies of their artist's statement.  Group discussion and critique will be encouraged. (A light lunch will be served to participants in the second workshop.)

*For this workshop, mock proposal submissions will be limited to visual arts and design or video/performance.  We cannot accommodate audio-only proposals at this time.


Small Group Intensive - Directions for students:
To give effective feedback on each student's work samples we ask them to bring both a work sample and an artist's statement. Registration is required for the Small Group Intensive workshop.

Visual Arts:

    * On a CD put 8 digital images of your work. Please submit up to 8 digital images using the following specification.
    * Place all images on one CD.
    * Numbered in the order you would like them to be seen and then label with your last name. EXAMPLE:  1.Smith.jpg
    * Dimensions: 1240 pixels x 1240 pixels.
    * File Size: No larger than 4.0 MB (each image)
    * File format: .JPG
    * Color scale: RGB

Video / Performance / Other:

    * Please submit up to 2 work samples on one DVD and/or up to 2 digital images on a CD.
    * Label the DVD and its case with your name, title of work, date of completion, total running time. Do not submit trailers or promotional pieces.
    * Digital images should be used only to demonstration installation or configuration of a space. Do not include video stills. Please follow the above instructions for digital images.

Artist's Statement (Work Statement):  100-300 word artist's statement that directly relates to the work sample submitted and will explain this work to a review panel.

For a downloadable submission form, go to Workshops at

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