West Hall, RPI, off Sage Avenue, Troy, NY

December 10, 2006 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Feeling artless?  Either way, sail on down to West Hall on the RPI campus on Sunday 10 December, from 4 to 9 PM for a dose of EXIBITOL, featuring the work of iEAR graduate students.

Stroll through the former Troy Hospital and take in brainwaves, miniature hospitals, rooms that make their own noise, trapeze acts, feature films about Maoist discourse in Peru, and much more.  Side effects may include edification, utopian/dystopian visions, and epiphany.

Free & open to public
(518) 276-4829 

Click here for the Exibitol Radio Announcement  

Ethan Bach: Unmistakable Tenderness
Michael Bullock: Auditory Thresholds
Alex Chechile: ElectroencephalographicBloodbath!!
C. Ryder Cooley: Residual Debris of the Singing Tree Project
Boryana Rossa: photography and video
Jim Finn: La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo (The Shining Trench of Chairman Gonzalo)
Dara Greenwald: Terra Alert; The Samaras Project
Jung Yoon Lee: Pixelated Screen
Wil Lindsay: Timescape Series
Noah Marchal: Plantmech
Jefferson Pitcher: Excerpt from The Winter of the Beard: A Documentary About The Small Things
J. Craig Tompkins: Sanitarium
charlesveasey: wandering thoughts of the endless earth
vodstrup: k m' -fläzh'

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