Duncan Brumby, University College London


Duncan Brumby, University College London

Sage 4101

December 7, 2011 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Abstract: Computing devices are increasingly used to support many of our daily activities on the move. With this untethering of the computer from the desktop comes a growing need to understand the multitasking strategies that people will adopt, particularly in dynamic, safety-critical environments. In this talk, I shall focus on our recent work that has investigated how people allocate their attention to a secondary task while driving. This work uses a combination of empirical data from controlled studies and computational cognitive modeling to understand peoples' multitasking strategies. The contribution of this work is that it builds a better understanding of how people multitask and highlights the importance of considering the user's objective in design solutions aimed at making the use of mobile devices less egregious in dynamic multitask contexts.

How Long Have I Got?  making Optimal Visit Durations in a Dual-Task Setting

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