Ben Goertzel, PhD., Director of Research , SIAI


Ben Goertzel, PhD., Director of Research , SIAI

Sage 4101

February 11, 2009 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

The merits of virtual worlds technology for allowing flexible exploration of embodied artificial cognition will be reviewed.  Potential useful improvements to current virtual world engines will be described, including deep integration with robot simulators, and "bead physics" which would enable a full emulation of naive physics phenomena identified by cognitive psychologists and AI researchers.  An AI system controlling flexibly trainable virtual dogs, powered by probabilistic evolutionary learning and uncertain logical rules, will be described and demonstrated.  OpenCog Prime, an ambitious open-source project aimed at virtually embodied human-level artificial general intelligence, will also be briefly discussed.


An Integrative Methodology for Teaching Embodied Non-Linguistic Agents, Applied to Virtual Animals in Second Life


A Pragmatic Path Toward Endowing Virtually-Embodied AIs with Human-Level Linguistic Capability

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