Future Meets Past: An Exhibition of Expositions


Future Meets Past: An Exhibition of Expositions

Corridor of Creativity, Sage Building

April 27, 2017 9:00 AM - May 12, 2017


Welcome to Future Meets Past: an Exhibition of Expositions. This exhibit was created by 15 freshman students enrolled in the HASS class “World’s Fair: Technology, Design, and Society.” This exhibit is the culmination of our studies on World’s Fairs. Feel free to explore our five display types: History of fairs, archival film, RPI at the fairs, cultural displays, and imagined future fairs. We hope you enjoy our exhibit.

What is a World’s Fair?

Beginning with the Great Exhibition in 1851, international countries, corporations, and cultural groups began gathering at global expositions to display their products, innovations, and cultures. These displays of international culture and innovation were known as World’s Fairs. These displays occurred across the globe. Though they don’t occur as frequently in modern times, these fairs are a great microcosm of history to look back at the culture and viewpoints of the time.

What Inspired our Fair?

Throughout the semester, we have studied different aspects of world’s fairs, including history of fairs, technology on display, architecture at fairs, and cultural displays. During our studies, we learned what fairs were about, we learned the history of RPI’s involvement in fairs, as well as culture and history. This inspired us to bring all of these subjects together - in the spirit of a World’s Fair, and share them with you. We created a display that combined many aspects of fairs and their history, in the hopes of creating a similar exposition experience to share with our school community.

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