Eric Ameres


Eric Ameres

Sage 4101

November 9, 2016 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Interest in “The Campfire” display system developed at EMPAC as a collaborative and immersive “dioramic” visualization tool has been thus far based on a priori arguments as to its utility.  In this talk I propose a method of analysis of the Campfire as a platform for instructional media and data analytics, and based on that analysis propose to develop a design framework for the visualization and exploration of simulations as well as complex, highly connected, highly dimensional data on the Campfire as well as potentially in augmented and virtual reality spaces.

There are many possible approaches to this, but this analysis and design framework will focus on the issues raised specifically by Cognitive Load Theory (Sweller, et al.), Perceptual Load Theory (Lavie) and Cognitive Load in Instructional and MultiMedia Design (Mayer, et al.), and will ultimately be demonstrated as a set of exemplary, interactive visualizations.



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