Yingrui Yang, Associate Professor, Cognitive Science


Yingrui Yang, Associate Professor, Cognitive Science

Sage 4101

March 2, 2016 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

This talk explains how to model reasoning dynamics from the following gauge theoretic perspectives. First, the logical charge is introduced as the source of reasoning dynamics, which is a single charge system. Second, the “the logician vs. reasoners” dilemma is treated as a variation of the “man vs. men” dilemma. Reasoning experimentations involve logic as the normative theory with internal global symmetry, and psychological modeling requires local symmetry accounting for individual differences. Third, gauge potentials and gauge strengths are introduced at the logician level and at the reasoners level. Fourth, the hesitation phenomenon and the associated shilly-shally process are analyzed from quantum theoretic viewpoint, and the phase space is introduced accordingly. Fifth, to preserve the global symmetry at the logician level, it requires the gauge transformation of the first kind. While to establish the local symmetry at the reasoners level requires the gauge transformation of the second kind; thus, it is necessary to introduce the notions of gauge field and covariate derivative. As an application in standard educational test, the gauge field theory of test dynamics will be briefly outlined, which provides a possible solution of the “the examiner vs. examinees” dilemma.



The attached reference provides some detailed introduction to gauge theoretic modeling and an economic version of the “man vs. men” dilemma.  Download here. 





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