Miya Masaoka: Networks of Sound


Miya Masaoka: Networks of Sound

EMPAC Studio Beta

March 1, 2016 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Miya Masaoka, composer, musician and sound artist will be discussing the edges of found sound, conflict, sound in social contexts, nature; sound used as a weapon for social control against political protest, racial and gendered revelations as well as the psycho acoustic effects of movement and space.

Miya Masaoka resides in New York City and is a classically trained musician, composer and installation artist. She has created works for traditional Japanese instruments, chamber ensembles, symphonic orchestra, mixed choirs, telematic performances and designed interactive wearable textiles. She has composed pieces using spatialization, sonification of data, mapped behavior of plants, brain activity and insect movement.  The Wire publication calls her work, “virtuosic, magnificient…essential.” She has is a Fulbright Fellow to Japan 2016, where she will research Noh, Gagaku and the mono chord koto.  She has an upcoming duo CD with Anthony Braxton on Rogue 2017, and teaches at Columbia University in Sound Arts and at Bard College.

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