New Atlantis: Multiplayer experimental sound performance, today at the ERL


New Atlantis: Multiplayer experimental sound performance, today at the ERL


January 15, 2016 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Professor Ben Chang will give a network performance between the ERL, Le Cube in Paris and Aix-en Provence, and Chicago on January 15th at 2 pm.  The performance is part musical, part game and part second life.   This is the first public demonstration of the New Atlantis platform. 



A shared (multi-user) online virtual world dedicated to audio experimentation and practice. Unlike most online worlds where image is the primary concern, in New Atlantis sound comes first.

New Atlantis provides a context for new-media students to showcase research projects that explore the relationship between sound, virtual 3D image and interactivity. It offers a pedagogical platform for audiographic animation, real-time sound synthesis, object sonification and acoustic simulation. It is a place to organize virtual sound installations, online concerts, soundwalks and other audiovisual art experiences.


New Atlantis project is not only about creating a multi user virtual universe, but also to make it together while learning. It is experimental, creative and educative. Each new opportunity to develop New Atlantis happens within workshops, courses or events gathering art schools students, from different places working together at a distance. It is a way to initiate ubiquitous working groups of students for immaterial non-local and shared art creation.



For this first “demo” we propose to adopt a performance format where the visual scene is presented on a big screen behind the player or players and audio is amplified over a sound system. The performance consists of a multi user, online improvisation where participants from each partner institution, meet in New Atlantis to play together and present their new creations.

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