"Decoding Skill from Gameplay Behavior," Jeff Huang, Brown University


"Decoding Skill from Gameplay Behavior," Jeff Huang, Brown University

Sage 4101

November 5, 2014 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

How do video game skills develop, and what sets the top players apart? I will explore those question using gameplay data in two modern games, Halo: Reach and StarCraft 2. One study explores skill through a rating generated from repeated multiplayer matches called TrueSkill. Using ratings from 7 months of games from over 3 million players and a survey of over 70 players, I will discuss how play frequency, breaks in play, skill change over time, and other games affect skill. A second study focuses on patterns of keyboard bindings that are used differently between players of varying skill levels. I will show that keyboard binding signatures can differentiate between player skill levels and identify expert players. Finally, I will present data from both studies that explore in-game behaviors of the top players to look at the progression of skill in those players and what in-game factors are affected by keyboard binding usage.




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