LL&C Colloquium Series -- Interactive Narrative


LL&C Colloquium Series -- Interactive Narrative

Sage 2202


Rudy McDaniel (Department of English, University of Central Florida, Orlando), "Wii Stories: Small tales of interactive narrative"

The colloquium will be available online via a live video feed.

Rudy McDaniel is Assistant Professor of Digital Media for the School of Film and Digital Media at the University of Central Florida. His research interests include narrative theory, video game technologies, knowledge management frameworks, and XML. He has recently published on topics such as serious gaming, experiential learning, and enhancing team-based performance using narrative tools. As a consultant, he has designed Web-based applications for clients such as the IEEE Society and the Library of Congress, and has written interactive video game scripts for the Federation of American Scientists. Rudy is currently director of the Partnership for Research on Synthetic Experience (PROSE) lab at UCF, and can be reached by email at rudy@mail.ucf.edu or through his website at http://www.dm.ucf.edu/~rmcdaniel/.
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