LL&C Colloquium Series -- Digital Communication and Rhetorical Studies: What's Next?


LL&C Colloquium Series -- Digital Communication and Rhetorical Studies: What's Next?

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LL&C Colloquium Series presents LL&C alumnus Laura J. Gurak, Digital Communication and Rhetorical Studies: What's Next?

Gurak notes, "My presentation will be an opportunity to return to the place where I discovered rhetoric, technical communication, and Internet research, and literally look backward and then forward. I will use by way of example the University of Minnesota's UThink blog project and the research it has inspired me to undertake blog.lib.umn.edu. In addition to discussing the digital side, I hope to address the rhetorical as well. How has rhetorical theory kept up with Internet research? Has the nexus been fruitful to both sides of the equation?"

Reception immediately follows.

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Laura J. Gurak is Professor and Department Head in the Scientific and Technical Communication Program, Department of Rhetoric, at the University of Minnesota. She received her Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer in 1994.

The 1997 recipient of the College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award, Gurak's research and teaching involve the language use and social features of digital technology, with a special emphasis on the role of Internet in human communication. Gurak co-directs the Internet Studies Center and, because of her research on copyright and digital technology, is one of seven non-law faculty at the University to hold the title of Faculty Fellow in the Law School.

She is author of Cyberliteracy: Navigating the Internet with Awareness (Yale 2001) and Persuasion and Privacy in Cyberspace: The Online Protests over Lotus MarketPlace and the Clipper Chip (Yale 1997) as well as three textbooks, three edited collections, and numerous articles. During the peak of the dot-com era, Gurak was a regular commentator on Minnesota Public Radio's "Future Tense, a Journal of the Digital Age."
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