Human Rights Watch Film Festival


Human Rights Watch Film Festival

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Co-sponsored with The Sanctuary for Independent Media

Screenings will take place at The Sancutary, 3361 Sixth Avenue, Troy, NY (at 101st Street where Sixth Avenue turns into Fifth).

Since its inception, Human Rights Watch's International Film Festival has embodied the power of film to make a difference. Courageous and committed filmmakers produce impressive documentary and feature films, which stimulate passionate conversations about human rights and inspire new generations of human rights activists. Through the universal language of film, we connect the experiences of survivors and activists with our own experiences--a critical step in influencing public opinion and policy makers.

Thursday: "Men On The Edge: Fishermen's Diary" (7 PM screening)

A documentary by Israeli film makers Avner Faingulernt and Macabit Abramzon set on an isolated and abandoned beach at the border between Gaza and Israel where, against all odds, Israeli and Palestinian fishermen lived and fished together from 1999 to 2003. The Palestinians were teaching the Israelis ancient fishing techniques transmitted from one generation to the next and the Israelis, by their presence, were enabling the Palestinians to continue to fish in Israeli waters. The film intimately and beautifully documents these four crucial years in the lives of this eclectic group of men from warring cultures, who are brought together by their shared work and the natural threats they face each day in the open sea. Ultimately it is not the harshness of nature that is the greatest obstacle to their work, but the pressures of politics and the fighting surrounding their enclave. A selection from the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival, presented with the Arts Department at RPI and Women Against War.


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