GSAS Concentration in Writing

Concentration Courses

  • COMM-1510   Intro to Communication Theory
  • WRIT-2310    Creative Writing
  • COMM-4240   Writing for Games I
  • COMM-4250   Writing for Games II
  • COMM-4560   Media and Popular Culture (or another COMM or LITR course)
  • COMM-4xxx   Video Game Level Design
  • COMM-4xxx   Communication Studies
  • COMM-4xxx   Writing Internship
  • HASS-4xxx     HASS 4000-Level Elective


Math/Science Requirements

  • MATH-1010   Calculus I
  • BIOL-1010    Intro to Biology
  • CSCI-1100    Computer Science I
  • CSCI-1200    Data Structures or Science Elective
  • PHYS-1100    Physics I or General Physics or Math Elective