Video Games: The Inside Story

Video Games: The Inside Story

DCC 318

November 17, 2011 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

A talk with Richard Dansky from Ubisoft/Redstorm and Stephen Jacobs from RIT/Mircosoft's Just Press Play.  Moderated by Lee Sheldon, Associate Professor and Co-Director of the GSAS Program.


Richard Dansky
Manager of Design, Red Storm Entertainment
Central Clancy Writer, Ubisoft

Richard Dansky is the Central Clancy Writer for Ubisoft and the Manager of Design for Red Storm Entertainment. The author of the critically acclaimed novel Firefly Rain, Richard has written for games in the Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Might & Magic, Far Cry and Blazing Angels series, as well as numerous others. A former executive of the IGDA Game Writing SIG, in 2009 he was named one of the Top Twenty Game Writers by Gamasutra. Richard was also briefly the world's leading
authority on Denebian Slime Devils, but has since yielded that honor and moved on to other pursuits..

Stephen Jacobs
Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Just Press Play, Microsoft

Professor Jacobs designed and built exhibits and a computer lab for the Capital Children's Museum the 70's, ran trade shows for the Commodore Amiga computer in the 80's, and began to teach at RIT in the 90's.

In this century, his courses cover game history, design, narrative and industry practices. He has been a game designer for Ratatoskr Entertainment and a game or narrative design consultant for several ARGs and educational games. He has also been a professional puppeteer, a kite salesman, a sign language interpreter for Paramount's production of "Children of a Lesser God" and held several other positions that he can't tell you about, but were really cool.

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