4th Annual Game Festival & Symposium

For the past four years now, the Annual Game Festivals and Symposiums were a singular success in large measure due to the quality of the student games exhibited and the level of student enthusiasm for the Game Festival, accompanied by the Symposium that featured speakers of national reputation from industry and universities.  The consistent purpose of the Symposium is to expand student and faculty game development skills and to increase students' understanding of potential career options in the game sector.  In 2007, we offered the event to a regional audience and students attended from Rochester Institute of Technology and SUNY Oneonta.

Game Festival

This year, the Festival & Symposium was on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, 2007.  As in previous years, Games & Simulation faculty selected the games for exhibition from among student games created within the preceding twelve months.  For the first time, a series of five monetary  prizes will be awarded by the Festival sponsor, Vicarious Visions, Inc.  The Festival and Symposium also welcomes  prospective GSAS applicants and their families at Rensselaer's Accepted Student Day that will also be held on Saturday, April 14.

Game Symposium

Our theme for the Symposium this year is "Emerging Terrain in Games and Simulation" reflecting our desire to expand the ground that is considered game related for both on campus participants and those who will attend from the larger region.  The game sector is telling us clearly that creativity is important but that a specific skill set in technology is equally advantageous for aspiring game developers.  We want to explore in a symposium format how and why this is true.

We are particularly grateful to our Level One Sponsor for 2007, Vicarious Visions, Inc., an Activision Studio,  and for their additional sponsorship of the Vicarious Visions Student Challenge Awards.